Want to start your own business? But you have a minimun investment budget? You do a job? You want to work from home? You already own a company? It doesnt matter to us! Passion and dedication is what we need!
The R.O.I period is Quick and Profit is x20times the invested amount. We can have a talk on a phone call and we shall mail you the details and discuss upon the posiblities for having partering with us and upgrading your business to the next level. The dealership fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. But we are sure that you will earn in 7 digits within a year time.
Welcome to our Cubiccode family in advance :)

Some of the Intresting things about getting a dealership from us is as follows:


You can start your business venture, and you will be provide with all the neccessary things from the company, like Training support, Marketing support, Technical support, Customer support, etc. One King-One Kingdom stands that, our assurance that we won't give State franchisee cum Authorized dealership to any Individual or Organization in your given territory.


As we mentioned above that we are completely flexible with you running multiple businesses at a time, even if you are doing a job, even if you want to working from home, Part-time or Full-you, Working in Daytime or Nighttime. You can still be a Authorizated Dealer for Cubiccode.


You may worry that, what if your client directly approaches us for a website? Having similar doubts is just a game of mind. If the client comes through you , we give you a fixed margin as we have agreed in our agreement. All the works will be in complete transparency between us and the dealer. We will be providing you with project files and report also, once the project is done.

For more Questions and Querries, please contact the below Authorized Person for Franchisee cum Dealership details

Contact Person :
Mr. Sarvesh K. +91 8050203399