About us

We are small bunch of people who are packed with crazy amount of skills, ideas, brand understanding, continuous innovations, art, creativity, technology. Cubiccode does it all. From applying ideas, creating great designs, and implementing it! and much more, basically! So all you need to do is sit back! Relax! and get yourself some chilled drink! When we started our entrepreneurial journey in the local market, our struggle as a start-up faced a lot of problems in advertisting, designing, printing, mentorship , making presentations, marketing our product and most of all creating our website at a good cost! Though that start-up eventually got failed. The pricing in the market was way beyond the limit point due to lack of technical knowledge to the customers. So we thought if we are facing these problems! Then there might be many such start-ups too face difficulties.

Using our industry experience, We started Cubiccode in order to help other start-ups and other organization to overcome their hurdels and get ready for quality display Using the latest industry techniques, cheapest rates and least lead time for designing, we stand out in the industry for quality and on time delivery. As of March 31th 2017 , We have a total of 104 clients under our belt and many more in the making. In Belgaum alone we have an average of 15 Unique Visitors and 12 Convertion Clients a month . We have a Consistant Growth Rate of 20% Month on Month. As of 31th September 2017, we have over a total of 10 Business Authorized Dealers cum Franchisee Owners across India successfully carrying out our ventures. We love pairing ourselves with the brightest minds in the industry. Thus we have partnered with over 50+ IT Companies accross the Globe, Nationally and Inter-Nationally. Our company is constantly evolving and growing. Our Mission is to provide the best quality service and quick ROI for a stable future by being self- employed and responsible citizens of the country.


Dr. Varsha

Club Editor, Innerwheel Belgaum

When it comes to creating professional, attractive, and effective websites, there is no company that can surpass Cubiccode. Thanks to their talent, our site has taken off in the search engines like a rocket. In this day and age, it is impossible to get ahead as a business without the support of gurus like Cubiccode standing behind you.

Mr. Vishal

Business Owner, Vishal Machine Tools

I couldn't be happier with my choice of using Cubiccode for my new website. Their team were easy to work with and helped me make a terrific website in a short amount of time. Thanks again guys for all your hard work I will recommend you to all my friends!